An Adventure Begins

     My adventure begins just as any good journey does, dreaming of a future in a foreign world.  In my childhood, I had wanted to be a soldier.  I admired their valor and dreamed of fighting evil.  Beyond the fact that I was a young boy and liked typical boy’s activities, I think my dream may have been influenced in part by my grandfather’s tales of growing up in England throughout World War II and subsequently serving in the army during the Suez Canal Crisis.  Any way you sliced it, that was my view of the world and my goal in life.

     Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with reading and adventure stories.  I decided I wanted to become a writer.  Around this time, My brothers and I began making short videos with our friends.  We tried our best to imitate our favourite directors and films.  We had loads of fun developing and learning how best to make films.  During this time, I realized that I loved the craft of script writing and picturing my words as visuals in a film.

     My next step was to apply for college courses so that I could better develop my understanding of the art of film making.  My goal was to gain understanding of lighting concepts and learn how to improve my visuals.  I had loads of fun during my three years in Niagara College’s Broadcasting course.  I got to further develop my script writing and learn other writing mediums.  I met a bunch of great people there and learned a lot.

     This brings me to the here and now.  My graduation ceremony is next month, and I’m just exploring what my next step will be.  I have a bunch of ideas for what my next project will be.  The journey goes on.