Simon Says – The Interrogation



The room is dark. A single lamp sits on the desk, providing the only illumination. A rough looking MAN in his late forties leans forward into the light.

He seizes the lamp head and twists it, so that the light blasts into the face of the little GIRL sitting across from him. She is wearing a pink dress with a flower print sticking out of the pocket.

She tries to shield her eyes from the light.

MAN: So where are they? Where’d you hide them?

The girl shakes her head. Tears run down her cheeks.

GIRL: What you say?

The man falls back into his seat and exhales.

MAN: I know you tried to smuggle them out of here. Where are they?

The little girl calms. She contemplates this before answering.

GIRL: What muggle?

The man slams his fists on the desk. The girl begins crying again.

MAN: I’m not playing games here. Turn out your pockets.

The girl pushes her hands into her pockets. Giving the man a sneer, she lifts her hands and drops a bottle of bubbles, a crushed daisy, and three mini chocolate bars onto the desk.

The man leans forward and lifts one of the chocolate bars by the corner. It is squashed and misshapen. He raises a walkie-talkie to his mouth.

MAN (CONT’D): She has them, sir, but I don’t think you want them back.

SIR (V.O.): Throw them out. Let the girl go. It’s over.

The man nods for a beat then realizes he hasn’t answered.

MAN: Roger that, sir.

He lifts the chocolates and gives the girl a disapproving glance. She grins up at him while she twirls a curl of hair. 

He turns away and drops the chocolates into a garbage can. He steps back to the desk.

MAN (CONT’D): Alright you can go. Just don’t…

He stares at the girl, eyes bugging out of his skull. She’s holding a tiny pistol and has it pointed at him.

GIRL: How’s about you open the safe, and I won’t pop a cap in your ass.

She tilts her head and giggles. The man stands there motionless. The girl becomes serious.

GIRL (CONT’D): Daddy says I flip the boom switch if you don’t do it.

The man raises his hands.

MAN: Okay. Okay. Let’s stay calm.

He walks over to a safe in the back wall. He twists the dial and pops it open. He lifts a cotton bag of money and brings it back to the desk. Sitting down again, he lifts the money onto the table.

MAN (CONT’D): There’re homes to help little girls if your daddy is mean to you.

The little girl takes the bag of money and hops out of her chair.

GIRL: Oh, no. He’s great. He lets me have chocolates.

She smiles at him.

GIRL (CONT’D): Thanks for the money, mistah.

She turns and skips off with the money. The man hears people scream and yell as the girl enters the other room.


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