Simon Says – Street Meet



REGINALD is a tall man in his late thirties. He works his hotdog vendor at the street corner. The wind is cold, so he leans in closer to the wieners as they fry.

SUSAN is a woman in her mid twenties. She is short, but her posture his straight. She walks at a determined pace.

Reginald watches as she breezes past him. He rests his cheek in his palm and sighs. Susan spins around.

SUSAN: Excuse me?

Reginald stands up straight.

REGINALD: Uh, nothing.

He glances around then down. He lifts a hotdog.

REGINALD (CONT’D): Can I interest you in purchasing a hotdog?

Susan walks closer.

SUSAN: Is the beef fresh from the Himalayans?

REGINALD: Only goats dare tread those slopes.

Susan holds out her hand.

SUSAN: Then I’ll have my dog with goat’s cheese.

Reginald nods. He reaches under the cash register and pulls out a piece of paper with mathematical formulas on it. He slides the paper into a napkin and wraps it around a hotdog. Susan takes it from him.

SUSAN (CONT’D): This will be the last. Tomorrow I move.

REGINALD: I will be sorry to lose your business.

Susan holds a debit card out to him.

SUSAN: This should show my appreciation.

Reginald seizes her wrist.

REGINALD: Come away with me. Leave all of this behind.

Susan glares at his hand. Reginald releases her and takes the card.

SUSAN: I enjoy my position.

Reginald opens the cash register and drops the card inside. Susan turns and begins to walk away.

REGINALD: As fleeting as our encounter has been, I find every moment with you to be invigorating.

Susan stops, but she doesn’t turn.

SUSAN: You take pleasure in the thrill of it. Take up rock climbing. It will better satisfy you.

Reginald walks towards her.

REGINALD: Everything pales in comparison to you.

Susan glances over her shoulder. Tears are in her eyes. Reginald stops.

SUSAN: You don’t know what you are saying.

Reginald pounds his chest.

REGINALD: I know what my heart says.

Susan brings herself around.

SUSAN: It says you cannot go on living without the one you love?

Reginald rushes forward and wraps his arms around her. Holding her tight, he rest his head against her’s.

REGINALD: Exactly.

POP! POP! Reginald’s eyes go wide. He looks down at the pistol Susan holds against his stomach. Smoke rises from it as Reginald’s blood runs down the silencer.

SUSAN: I tried.

Reginald stumbles back. His blood drips down into the snow on the sidewalk edge. Susan slips the gun back into her purse.

SUSAN (CONT’D): This is what you wanted.

Susan turns and walks away. Reginald drops to his knees. He pulls out his cellphone and starts to dial but collapses before he can finish.

Susan takes a bite of her hotdog and smiles.


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