Simon Says – Body Failure



ROGER BREMINGTON is a man in his late nineties. He is tall and slim. He has a long white beard and very little hair left on his head. He walks along the path with the aid of a cane.

Beside him strolls JANETTE BREMINGTON, his granddaughter. She is in her late forties. She has long brown hair, but some grey is making it’s way into the sea of brown.

The park is circular with a fountain in the center. The path wraps around the structure, and more trails branch off of it, disappearing into wooded areas.

As they walk around the fountain, Janette points to the coins scattered throughout the water. They glisten in the sunlight.

Roger stops by a bench. Janette continues on but pauses when she sees that Roger is trailing. She turns to him. He has already lowered himself onto the bench.

JANETTE: I can see why they call it a park, grandpa.
Roger waves her off. She steps closer.

ROGER: I’m not parked. Just needed a pit stop.

He looks around at the trees. A bird flits through the branches of the closest one. Roger listens as it chirps, and a tear comes to his eye.

JANETTE: Everything okay?

Roger looks up to her and dries his eye with a handkerchief.

ROGER: Yeah, the breeze just makes my eye water.

Janette nods.

ROGER (CONT’D): I guess I won’t have to worry about that anymore.

Janette hugs him. He eases her back as he stands.


The pair sit across from each other. They are on the patio in front of the cafe. Roger sips his coffee. He breaks into coughing and can barely get his mug to the table.

Janette looks away. She looks up at a flag protruding from the wall above. It flutters and billows in the wind. The sunlight glints off the flagpole, and Janette is forced to cover her eyes.

Roger recovers. He watches as Janette turns back to him. She lowers her hand from her face. She allows herself to smile at him.

ROGER: Won’t have to listen to that no more.

JANETTE: I’ll miss it.

Roger shakes his head. He lifts his mug, bringing it under his moustache. Janette places her hand on his.

JANETTE (CONT’D): I’m sure grandma would’ve been proud to see how far you’ve come.

Roger tips his mug. Rays of light hits his cheeks as he polishes off the drink. He basks in the light for a few moments.


Roger and Janette walk along the sidewalk. They stop in front of “The Body Shop”. Janette turns to Roger and hugs him.

ROGER: I suppose this is where I get off.

JANETTE: I wish I could go with you.

Janette releases him. Roger looks up at the sign.

ROGER: They ain’t beatin’ around the bush with their branding.

Janette follows his gaze. She laughs despite her tears. Roger sucks in a big gulp of air as he turns to the building.

JANETTE: I’ll meet you on the other side.

Roger nods and enters the shop. Janette stands there a moment then turns and walks away.


A robot steps out of the back door. It is wearing Roger’s clothing. It looks around the small yard. A path cuts through giant mounds of robot parts.

It walks down the walkway. The sun is setting in the distance. The robot stares into the sun’s glow as it dips below the horizon. Janette steps out from behind the last mound.

JANETTE: How do you feel?

ROBOT: Cold.

Janette Hugs it. It stands there. After a moment, it looks down at her and wraps its arms around her.


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