Simon Says – Heart of Gold



ANGELA works behind the counter as she prepares two coffees. She’s in her mid twenties with brown hair. She turns back to an ELDERLY COUPLE.  They take their drinks and walk away.

Angela looks to see if anyone else is waiting, but the line is empty. SANDRA Walks over to her and bumps her elbow. Angela turns, but Sandra just grins at her.

SANDRA: I’ll let you handle this next one.

Sandra walks to the back. Angela glances around then spots TWO YOUNG MEN outside the door. She pushes a stray lock of hair behind her ear as they enter.

MICHAEL continues towards the counter, but GREG stops at the door and looks over the tables. He makes eye contact with the elderly men. They stare at each other for a beat then Greg turns away.

Michael reaches the counter. Angela smiles at him.

ANGELA: The usual?

Michael nods then raises his hand.

MICHAEL: Oh, and black coffee for my friend.

Angela nods and rings it up. Michael pulls out his wallet.

GREG: Are you going to chat up the coffee girl all day, or do you want to get to business?

Michael looks back as Greg lifts a briefcase. Shaking his head he turns back to Angela and passes her the money.

MICHAEL: Did you want that coffee, or what?

ANGELA: Don’t worry about it. I can bring the drinks to your table.

Michael nods and walks over to Greg. Greg points to a the table closest to the door.As Michael sits, Greg glances around again.  He drops into the seat across from Michael, leaning in close.

GREG: You think this place is right for this type of business?

Michael glances around as he leans back.

MICHAEL: Would you rather an alley?

Greg exhales.

GREG: Whatever. Are you in?

Michael rubs his temple. He opens his mouth, but Angela arrives with their drinks.

ANGELA: Here you guys go. Enjoy.

Michael smiles at her as Greg drops his head into his hand.

MICHAEL: Thanks, Angela.

Greg stands and shoos Angela.

GREG: Yeah, thanks. Now go. We’re busy.

Michael stands.

MICHAEL: You really have a way with people. Don’t you? Is this why you need to bum a last minute flight off a friend?

Greg lifts the briefcase onto the table.

GREG: I need your plane because I…

He leans in closer.

GREG (CONT’D): (quieter) I’ve got thirteen million dollars in this case. Do you want a piece or not?

Angela’s mouth drops open, and she looks from Greg to Michael.

MICHAEL: You’re insane.

GREG: Ha. You want to fly a bunch of idiot tourists around for the rest of your life. I’m the crazy one?

MICHAEL: You’ll get caught.

GREG: We’ll see.

He gestures to the table.

GREG (CONT’D): Enjoy your coffee.

He turns and walks out. Angela stares after him then turns to Michael.


Michael shrugs.

MICHAEL: I like it here.

He looks down at the table.

MICHAEL (CONT’D): You like your coffee black?

Angela shakes her head. Michael shrugs and sits down. He lifts his coffee. Angela grabs the other coffee.

ANGELA: But I can add cream to it.

Michael smiles.

MICHAEL: What time do you get off work?


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