Simon Says – Life Hacks



The curtains are drawn, and the room is cloaked in darkness. The bed is in disarray. The only thing organized in the room is a desk with a computer on top.

In the glow of the monitor, ADAM is seated. He is in his mid teens. A scrawny guy, Adam bends over the keyboard, typing furiously.

A knock sounds at the door. Adam spins around in his chair.

ADAM (yells): I’m up, mom. Jeez!

He looks at his computer monitor. The door creaks open a crack. SUSAN peeks inside. Adam glances over his shoulder.

ADAM (CONT’D): Oh, it’s you.

He starts typing again. Susan walks over to Adam’s bed and clears the corner. She lowers herself onto the very edge of the bed.

SUSAN: So what’s the plan for today?

ADAM: Honing my hacking skills.

Susan checks her phone.

SUSAN: And this isn’t just another useless skill because?

Adam releases his keyboard and turns to look at her. Looking up from her phone, Susan meets his gaze.

ADAM: Because reasons.

Susan rolls her eyes.

SUSAN: And you wonder why you’re failing English.

Adam resumes his attack on his keyboard.

ADAM: It’s a stupid subject. I speak English. I talk good. Why am I forced to waste my time on some meaningless drivel?

Susan walks over to his desk and stops beside him.

SUSAN: And hacking is your fallback for when you find out colleges don’t accept people with grades like your’s?

ADAM: You may think it’s dumb now, but after I break the school’s system and correct my grades, we’ll see who’s laughing then.

Susan looks from Adam’s face to his monitor.

SUSAN: So why are you on Facebook?

ADAM: Baby steps.

He leans back in his chair and cracks open a can of Mountain Dew. Sipping it, he watches as Susan looks over what he’s done.

ADAM (CONT’D): I figure if I can hack Facebook and change Sylvia’s relationship status to being in a relationship with me, she’ll be too embarrassed to change it and be forced to go out with me.

Susan shakes her head as she sits on the edge of his desk and crosses her arms.

SUSAN: I’m going to ignore the completely bone headed part of that and address the fact that you think our school servers are harder to hack than a billion dollar company’s.

She picks up a paperclip and flicks it at him.

SUSAN (CONT’D): You’re an idiot.

Adam chokes on his drink. He sets his can down, sitting up straight. Catching his breath, he glares at Susan.

ADAM: I wouldn’t expect some narrow minded drone like you to recognize my plan’s brilliance.

He turns back to his keyboard and begins to type again.

ADAM (CONT’D): I’m sure you can find your way out.

Susan glances from the back of his head to the door. Rolling her eyes, she crosses the room and stops at the door. She turns back to him.

SUSAN: You should worry less about the people who don’t want to be around you.

She opens the door.

SUSAN (CONT’D): Maybe then you’ll have time for the people who do want to be around you.

Adam turns, but Susan is already gone. He looks at his monitor.

ADAM: We’ll see about that.

He switches from Sylvia’s page to Susan’s


DING! Susan pulls her phone out. She just got a Facebooknotification. She looks up at Adam’s curtained window and smiles.


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