Simon Says – Plot



The windows are dirty and barely let any light inside. The warehouse floor is lined with giant shelves, and wooden crates are piled to the ceiling. A passage runs between the shelves, leading to the back. Against the back wall, a row of forklifts sit at the ready. FOUR MEN stand in a circle before the forklifts.

BENSON shifts from one foot to the other. He is a large man, and his sleeves are cut off, revealing hairy arms and a tattoo of a serpent wrapped around a dagger. He crosses his arms.

BENSON: We go through this every time. I tell ya it’s gotta be done, and you guys hum and haw over how we do it without being caught.

He looks around.

BENSON (CONT’D): We ain’t never been found out before. We ain’t gonna be found out this time.

STEPHAN has his head bowed. He has a light build. He’s wearing a hood over his head, but his red hair protrudes out above his forehead. He shakes his head.

STEPHAN: It’s different this time.

He lifts his head.

STEPHAN (CONT’D): He knows how we work. I’m telling you we can’t pull this one off.

GREG begins to laugh, and the grin on his face stretches the scar across his left cheek. He removes his glasses and polishes the small, round lenses.

GREG: You think what we do is a big secret? Everybody knows what we do. They just keep their mouths shut because they don’t want to ruin the fun.

BENSON: Exactly. We just need ta do it and stop all this here standing around.

CHARLIE: Well it is a good day for that.

CHARLIE is older than the rest of the men. He has a slight hunch and shakes a little as he stands there. The other men look at him.

BENSON: What? Have ya actually lost it this time?

Charlie steps closer to Benson and clips his heels together in a short jig.

CHARLIE: See. Me joints are feeling good today.

Benson shakes his head. Greg returns his glasses to his face.

GREG: Returning to the business at hand, I say we do it here. Why go out of our way?

STEPHAN: That’s too risky. We can’t pull it off.

Greg turns to him. TOM steps out of a break room to the left. He lifts his hand.

TOM: I figured you guys would still be jabbering away, so I took the liberty of going on without you.

Greg glances over.

GREG: You better have done it right.

STEPHAN: Yeah, I don’t need anymore heat.

TOM: Why don’t you have a look for yourself?

He gesture towards the break room.

STEPHAN: In there? That’s the worst place.

Charlie places a hand on Stephan’s shoulder.

CHARLIE: Classic. I like it.


The men step inside the break room and glance around. Streamers run along the ceiling, and balloons hover from the tables. A banner hangs across the far wall: “Happy Retirement”.

TOM: Another job well done party committee.

CHARLIE: Thank you all. I knew you’d pull it off.

STEPHAN: I figured you’d like it.

Benson and Greg shake their heads. Tom puts a party hat on Charlie’s head.

TOM: You deserve it, buddy.


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