Simon Says – The Boss Needs a Hand



JOHN is sitting in a chair, bouncing his knee as he glances around. John is in his late forties. He’s average height with a bit of weight on his stomach.

He leans forward and glances down a hallway. Spotting RICKY, he snaps back to an upright position. Ricky enters and tips his head back. Rising to his feet, John shuffles towards him.

Ricky holds up a hand, and John stops. Ricky pats him down then jabs his thumb down the hallway. After glancing from Ricky to the hall, John makes his way down the passage. Ricky falls in behind him.

They reach a door at the end of the hallway. John looks back to Ricky. Ricky nods, and John pushes the door open.


John enters and stops in the doorway, looking around the office. It is well furnished with mahogany. Ricky shoves him from behind. Stumbling forward, John sees ENRIQUE.

Enrique is a short man with a thin build. He’s in his early sixties and has gone bald on the top of his head. John laughs.

ENRIQUE: Is there something here you find amusing?

John shakes his head.

JOHN: When I received the threats to my store, I expected something a little more…
(beat): Well, threatening.

Ricky grabs John’s arm and twists it behind his back. John cries out.

RICKY: You show respect and speak when you’re spoken to.

Both John and Ricky look to Enrique. Enrique waves Ricky off while checking the nails on his other hand.

ENRIQUE: He was spoken to.

Ricky releases John and nods to Enrique.

RICKY: My apologies.

Enrique waves him away.

ENRIQUE: You may go.

Ricky nods again, but before he leaves, he gives John one more look over. John watches Ricky leave then turns back to Enrique.

ENRIQUE (CONT’D): You’ll have to pardon Ricky’s enthusiasm. He’s like an untrained pet.

Enrique stands and walks over to a side table. John watches as he pours himself a glass of cough syrup. Taking a sip, Enrique turns to John and holds up the bottle. John shakes his head. Shrugging, Enrique downs his glass.

ENRIQUE (CONT’D): Where were we?

JOHN: You were going to tell me why I should feel threatened.

Enrique nods as he walks over to the window.

ENRIQUE: Ah, yes.

He spreads the blinds with his fingers and peeks outside.

ENRIQUE (CONT’D): What if I told you I know two hundred seventy six…

Enrique looks at the ceiling and begins to count on his fingers. He glances back to John.

ENRIQUE (CONT’D): Seven. Two hundred seventy seven ways to kill a man with a single, empty hand.

John grins.

JOHN: I’d say you brought a hand to a knife fight.

John pulls a knife from inside the front of his pants. Enrique snaps his fingers, and Ricky shoves the door in. Ricky brings his arms up under John’s arms and grabs his head between his hands.

John tries to bring the knife down, but Ricky’s arms block him. Ricky twists John’s head.


John falls limp, and Ricky lets his body fall to the floor. Enrique shakes his head before turning away.

ENRIQUE: Clean up the mess.

Ricky nods as Enrique snaps his fingers.



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