Simon Says – The Party Is Here



An office building stands taller than the rest of the buildings on the block. It’s wall of glass shines in the sunlight as taxis pass by below.

NATE steps out of the front door, carrying a box of miscellaneous items. He is in his mid thirties, clean shaven and well kept. He is clothed in a suit, but his tie hangs loose around his neck. Glancing back at the building for a second, he turns and walks down the steps to the street.

Once he reaches the bottom of the steps, he raises his hand to hail a taxi, but the box begins to fall from his arm. Doubling over, he tries to regain it. A taxi stops at the curb. Nate gets his grip on the box. The taxi begins to pull away, but Nate rushes over and pulls the door open.


The door swings open, and Nate glances inside. The apartment is dim with strobe lights flashing various primary colours. Paintings break the empty expanses of walls.

GEORGE is holding the door open. He’s in his late twenties and wears expensive clothes. He clears his throat.

GEORGE: You coming in?

Nate notice the droves of PEOPLE bustling around the apartment, drinks in hand.

NATE: I think so.

Nate steps closer, but George puts his hand out, stopping him.

GEORGE: Who’d you get the invite from?

Nate stares at George. He shakes his head.

NATE: I don’t remember anymore.

George shrugs.

GEORGE: Hey, what the hell. Don’t sweat it. Welcome to my pad.

George steps back, letting Nate inside. Nate steps into the apartment, nodding to George. ALICE dances past. She stops and turns back to them.

ALICE: Nate, you made it.

Nate turns to George.

NATE: I guess we found my invite.

Alice grabs him by the arm. Nate looks to her.

ALICE: I’m so glad you’re here. I was getting tired of walking to the bar.

She drops her cup into his hand.

ALICE (CONT’D): Could you get me a gin and tonic. Thanks.

NATE: Could we talk?

Alice has already left. Nate watches after her as she bounces over towards the DJ. Nate turns to George, but he is already gone. Nate looks down at the cup in his hand.


Nate is sitting beside the bar. He lifts Alice’s cup.

NATE: Another gin and tonic.

The BARTENDER sighs as he walks over. He refills the cup and hands it back to Nate. Nate chugs back half of it when Alice taps him on the shoulder.

ALICE: Is that my drink?

Nate turns to her. He looks down into what is left of the drink and holds it out to her. Alice rolls her eyes and turns to the bartender.

ALICE (CONT’D): Gin and tonic please.

The bartender slams a cup down and begins filling it.

BARTENDER: I can make other drinks if anyone cared.

He hands Alice her drink.

ALICE: Thanks.

The bartender grumbles as he turns away. Alice turns to Nate.

ALICE (CONT’D): What’s up?

Nate leans on the bar.

NATE: Work sucks.

Alice sips her drink.

ALICE: That place is such a dump.

NATE: Sucks more that it’s gone.

Alice lowers her drink. Nate finishes his off then glances to her.

ALICE: They didn’t.

Nate nods.

ALICE (CONT’D): I just got hired there.

Nate raises his cup.

NATE: Good for them.

Nate downs the rest of his drink.

NATE (CONT’D): All the best to you.

He walks away. Alice finishes her drink and raises her hand.

ALICE: Another please.

The music changes tempo, and she spins around, bobbing along to it.



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