Simon Says – Visiting Family



TESSA is a woman in her mid thirties. She has short, dark hair. Her build is slim but fit, and she carries herself with confidence. As she walks over to the coffee maker, she looks back over her shoulder and flashes a grin.

Across the kitchen from her, seated at the table, MARK shakes his head. He’s in his late thirties but already has a bald spot developing. He’s slim and tall with a short beard on his slender face.

MARK: It’s not going to work.

Tessa reaches the counter and begins to pour herself a mug of coffee. Turning back to him, she continues to fill her mug.

TESSA: What? Being happy?

Smirking as she watches him, Tessa pours a little milk in her drink and stirs it.

MARK: I know that look. It’s not working today.

Tessa brings the coffee up to her lips and raises an eyebrow at him.

TESSA: How about this one?

Mark cover his eyes with his hands.

MARK: We’re not staying in today. You can’t make me.

Tessa walks over and sits on his lap.

TESSA: Maybe you’ll change your mind.

She circles a lock of his hair with her finger. After swatting her hand away, Mark wraps his head with his arms.

MARK: Nope. No. We’re visiting my family, and that’s final.

Tessa stands and sips her coffee.

TESSA: You’re such a spoilsport.

Mark grabs the paper and pulls it open. Tessa walks to the far end of the table, and sits down.

TESSA (CONT’D): I don’t know why you insist on making me go through with this. They hate me.

Mark flips the paper in half and looks at Tessa.

MARK: Don’t say that. They don’t hate anyone.

Tessa snorts.

TESSA (under her breathe): That’s not what their texts say.

Mark sets the paper down.

MARK: Excuse me?

Tessa waves her hand towards the paper.

TESSA: Is that story about the freed captives in there?

MARK: Have you been reading their texts again?

TESSA: I saved those people.

MARK: You can’t do that.

Tessa sets her coffee down.

TESSA: I read other people’s messages, and I save lives. Sue me.

MARK: Do you read my messages?

Tessa walks over and hugs him from behind.

TESSA: Only the ones you send me.

Mark turns to look her in the eyes.

MARK: Do they really say bad things about you?

Tessa nods.

TESSA: They’re pretty mean.

Mark frowns. He looks away then turns back to her.

MARK: They mention me much?

TESSA: Nothing I’d care to repeat.

Mark stares at a bird outside the window.

MARK: You were right.

Tessa tilts her head.

MARK (CONT’D): I did change my mind.

TESSA: Good. I told you I save lives.

Tessa releases Mark and picks up her coffee. She watches the bird as she takes a sip.

TESSA (CONT’D): Now we gotta figure out what we want to do first.

Mark stands and wraps his arms around her waist.

MARK: I have a few ideas.

Tessa kisses him on the cheek.

TESSA: Good. Cause I used all mine up already.