Simon Says – Visiting Family



TESSA is a woman in her mid thirties. She has short, dark hair. Her build is slim but fit, and she carries herself with confidence. As she walks over to the coffee maker, she looks back over her shoulder and flashes a grin.

Across the kitchen from her, seated at the table, MARK shakes his head. He’s in his late thirties but already has a bald spot developing. He’s slim and tall with a short beard on his slender face.

MARK: It’s not going to work.

Tessa reaches the counter and begins to pour herself a mug of coffee. Turning back to him, she continues to fill her mug.

TESSA: What? Being happy?

Smirking as she watches him, Tessa pours a little milk in her drink and stirs it.

MARK: I know that look. It’s not working today.

Tessa brings the coffee up to her lips and raises an eyebrow at him.

TESSA: How about this one?

Mark cover his eyes with his hands.

MARK: We’re not staying in today. You can’t make me.

Tessa walks over and sits on his lap.

TESSA: Maybe you’ll change your mind.

She circles a lock of his hair with her finger. After swatting her hand away, Mark wraps his head with his arms.

MARK: Nope. No. We’re visiting my family, and that’s final.

Tessa stands and sips her coffee.

TESSA: You’re such a spoilsport.

Mark grabs the paper and pulls it open. Tessa walks to the far end of the table, and sits down.

TESSA (CONT’D): I don’t know why you insist on making me go through with this. They hate me.

Mark flips the paper in half and looks at Tessa.

MARK: Don’t say that. They don’t hate anyone.

Tessa snorts.

TESSA (under her breathe): That’s not what their texts say.

Mark sets the paper down.

MARK: Excuse me?

Tessa waves her hand towards the paper.

TESSA: Is that story about the freed captives in there?

MARK: Have you been reading their texts again?

TESSA: I saved those people.

MARK: You can’t do that.

Tessa sets her coffee down.

TESSA: I read other people’s messages, and I save lives. Sue me.

MARK: Do you read my messages?

Tessa walks over and hugs him from behind.

TESSA: Only the ones you send me.

Mark turns to look her in the eyes.

MARK: Do they really say bad things about you?

Tessa nods.

TESSA: They’re pretty mean.

Mark frowns. He looks away then turns back to her.

MARK: They mention me much?

TESSA: Nothing I’d care to repeat.

Mark stares at a bird outside the window.

MARK: You were right.

Tessa tilts her head.

MARK (CONT’D): I did change my mind.

TESSA: Good. I told you I save lives.

Tessa releases Mark and picks up her coffee. She watches the bird as she takes a sip.

TESSA (CONT’D): Now we gotta figure out what we want to do first.

Mark stands and wraps his arms around her waist.

MARK: I have a few ideas.

Tessa kisses him on the cheek.

TESSA: Good. Cause I used all mine up already.



Simon Says – Heart of Gold



ANGELA works behind the counter as she prepares two coffees. She’s in her mid twenties with brown hair. She turns back to an ELDERLY COUPLE.  They take their drinks and walk away.

Angela looks to see if anyone else is waiting, but the line is empty. SANDRA Walks over to her and bumps her elbow. Angela turns, but Sandra just grins at her.

SANDRA: I’ll let you handle this next one.

Sandra walks to the back. Angela glances around then spots TWO YOUNG MEN outside the door. She pushes a stray lock of hair behind her ear as they enter.

MICHAEL continues towards the counter, but GREG stops at the door and looks over the tables. He makes eye contact with the elderly men. They stare at each other for a beat then Greg turns away.

Michael reaches the counter. Angela smiles at him.

ANGELA: The usual?

Michael nods then raises his hand.

MICHAEL: Oh, and black coffee for my friend.

Angela nods and rings it up. Michael pulls out his wallet.

GREG: Are you going to chat up the coffee girl all day, or do you want to get to business?

Michael looks back as Greg lifts a briefcase. Shaking his head he turns back to Angela and passes her the money.

MICHAEL: Did you want that coffee, or what?

ANGELA: Don’t worry about it. I can bring the drinks to your table.

Michael nods and walks over to Greg. Greg points to a the table closest to the door.As Michael sits, Greg glances around again.  He drops into the seat across from Michael, leaning in close.

GREG: You think this place is right for this type of business?

Michael glances around as he leans back.

MICHAEL: Would you rather an alley?

Greg exhales.

GREG: Whatever. Are you in?

Michael rubs his temple. He opens his mouth, but Angela arrives with their drinks.

ANGELA: Here you guys go. Enjoy.

Michael smiles at her as Greg drops his head into his hand.

MICHAEL: Thanks, Angela.

Greg stands and shoos Angela.

GREG: Yeah, thanks. Now go. We’re busy.

Michael stands.

MICHAEL: You really have a way with people. Don’t you? Is this why you need to bum a last minute flight off a friend?

Greg lifts the briefcase onto the table.

GREG: I need your plane because I…

He leans in closer.

GREG (CONT’D): (quieter) I’ve got thirteen million dollars in this case. Do you want a piece or not?

Angela’s mouth drops open, and she looks from Greg to Michael.

MICHAEL: You’re insane.

GREG: Ha. You want to fly a bunch of idiot tourists around for the rest of your life. I’m the crazy one?

MICHAEL: You’ll get caught.

GREG: We’ll see.

He gestures to the table.

GREG (CONT’D): Enjoy your coffee.

He turns and walks out. Angela stares after him then turns to Michael.


Michael shrugs.

MICHAEL: I like it here.

He looks down at the table.

MICHAEL (CONT’D): You like your coffee black?

Angela shakes her head. Michael shrugs and sits down. He lifts his coffee. Angela grabs the other coffee.

ANGELA: But I can add cream to it.

Michael smiles.

MICHAEL: What time do you get off work?


Simon Says – Knight Flight



A KNIGHT reigns his horse to a stop. He sits and stares into the sunset. He turns in his saddle.

KNIGHT: Do you expect me to sit here all night?

His PAGE rushes to his side. He holds up his hand and leans over the horse’s rump, struggling to catch his breath.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): Pull yourself together. Honour waits for no man.

PAGE: Yes, sire.

The page places his hands under the knight’s arms as the knight swings his leg out of the stirrup. The page struggles to maintain his balance while he lowers the knight to the ground.

The knight’s feet crunch on the dirt. He stretches his arms, smacking his page in the face. The page stumbles back as the knight takes a step forward, but the knight still steps on his toes. The page falls to the ground.

The knight holds out his hand, palm up. He stands there a beat, but the page just grabs his toes and rolls on the ground. The knight glances down.

KNIGHT: Must I do everything myself?

He lifts a flap on his saddlebag and draws out a telescope. He extends it and brings it up to his eye, scanning the West.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): We’re close. I can smell it.

The page sits up and scrunches his nose.

PAGE: I believe that’s the horse, sire.

KNIGHT: Roses. Roses on the air.

The page glances up at him.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): It’s love. My princess awaits me.

The page stands, staring into the distance. He shades his eyes.

PAGE: What if she’s another man’s princess?

The knight turns to him.

KNIGHT: Another man?

The page shrugs. The knight laughs.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): A man like you?

He tussles the pages hair.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): You would have made a fine jester.

He grows serious, shoving the telescope into the page’s hands.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): No man is my equal.

The page raises the telescope to his eye. The knight places his foot in the stirrup. He glances over his shoulder.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): Hurry along.

The page points and passes the telescope over to the knight.

PAGE: There. She’s there. You were right.

The knight spots a castle in the distance.

KNIGHT: Of course I was.

He shoves the telescope into the saddlebag and waits for the page. As the page stares into the distance, the knight clears his throat, and the page hurries to his side, raising him into the saddle.

Once up, the knight kicks his horse’s sides and speeds away. The page watches after him. Dropping his head, he plods after him.


The knight rides into the center of the castle. He glances around, but it is empty of any life. He sits up in his saddle, staring up a tall tower before him.
His page catches up and rests on the horses rump. The knight turns to him.

KNIGHT: She must be up there.

The page follows his finger to the tower.

PAGE: There? Are you sure?

The knight turns back to the tower.

KNIGHT: Of course I am. Have I ever been wrong?

The page thinks about this.

PAGE: Well… I suppose nothing worth mentioning.

KNIGHT: Excellent. Onward.

He gallops to the tower. The page nearly falls when the horse leaves, but he regains himself. He chases after them.


The page steps inside the room at the top of the tower stairs. He glances around at the cold, damp room. No one is there. He shakes his head.

The knight enters, huffing and puffing. He leans against the doorpost.

KNIGHT: I told you I was…

He notices the room is empty.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): Where is my princess?

The page exhales.

PAGE: Perhaps you should refrain from calling a stranger yours.

The knight glares at him.

PAGE (CONT’D): Then again I am merely your page.

The knight straightens. The page steps to the doorway, but the knight grabs his arm.

KNIGHT: No. Please continue. What would you suggest I do?

The knight glares into his eyes.

PAGE: Well, if I lived here all by myself, I’d find somewhere nice and warm.

The knight releases him.

KNIGHT: Of course, the great hall.

He dashes down the stairs.

PAGE: I was thinking something smaller. Like a blacksmith.

The knight stops. Chuckling, he turns back to the page.

KNIGHT: A princess in the blacksmith? Surely you jest.

The page shakes his head.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): Fine. I will humour you.

He turns and stomps down the stairs. The page breathes a sigh and follows.


The PRINCESS is lying beside the hearth. She stretches out and the flames create dancing shadows on her skin. She twitches as footsteps come clopping up to the blacksmith.

Her eyes dart open, and she glances to the door as it begins to swing open. The princess rolls over and gets to her feet. Glancing around, she spies a blacksmith’s hammer and seizes it.

The knight steps inside. He glances back as his page enters.

KNIGHT: See. No one’s here.

The page points, and the knight glances over. The princess raises the hammer. The knight drops to one knee.

KNIGHT (CONT’D): Fear not, beautiful maiden. I have come to rescue you.

The princess drops the hammer. As she steps closer, the knight gets back to his feet with his page’s aid.

PRINCESS: You’ve brought something to eat?

The knight turns to his page. The page shakes his head.

KNIGHT: I fear we…

PAGE: You, sire.

The knight turns to the princess.

KNIGHT: We exhausted the last of our supplies this morning.

The princess drops her head.

PRINCESS: Oh, that is dreadfully unfortunate.

The knight steps closer.

KNIGHT: Worry not for I am now here.

The princess looks into his eyes.

PRINCESS: I’m not worried for myself.

The page glances around the blacksmith. It looks like it hasn’t seen much use in years. He spots a pile of armour and bones in the corner. Rushing to the knight’s side, he leans in close.

PAGE (whispers): Have you ever wondered why the castle is so deserted?

The knight pushes him back with his shoulder.

KNIGHT: Bother me not. Go tend to the horse.

The princess tilts her head.

PRINCESS: You have a horse? I love horses.

The knight takes her arm.

KNIGHT: Only the best steed for a maiden like you.

He leads her out of the blacksmith. The page steps towards the hearth. He hears a SCREAM outside and dashes to the door.


The page steps outside. He sees the knight on the ground. The knight stares up at the princess and SCREAMS again.

The page looks over to the princess as she drops down to all fours. Wings burst out of her back, and scales begin to push out of her skin.

The horse rears up on his back legs. He turns and darts towards the exit. A DRAGON drops onto his back and pulls him into the sky.

The page rushes over to the knight’s side.

KNIGHT: I can’t get up.

The page grabs the knight and helps him to his feet. He glances around the castle. Pointing to the keep, they sprint for safety.

The dragon lands in front of them. The impact knocks them back, and they struggle to regains themselves as dust washes over them.

The page wipes his face clean. The dragon pulls its head back as the page drags himself to his feet. The dragon opens its mouth, and the glow of a fire rises in its throat. The page covers his face.


Simon Says – Street Meet



REGINALD is a tall man in his late thirties. He works his hotdog vendor at the street corner. The wind is cold, so he leans in closer to the wieners as they fry.

SUSAN is a woman in her mid twenties. She is short, but her posture his straight. She walks at a determined pace.

Reginald watches as she breezes past him. He rests his cheek in his palm and sighs. Susan spins around.

SUSAN: Excuse me?

Reginald stands up straight.

REGINALD: Uh, nothing.

He glances around then down. He lifts a hotdog.

REGINALD (CONT’D): Can I interest you in purchasing a hotdog?

Susan walks closer.

SUSAN: Is the beef fresh from the Himalayans?

REGINALD: Only goats dare tread those slopes.

Susan holds out her hand.

SUSAN: Then I’ll have my dog with goat’s cheese.

Reginald nods. He reaches under the cash register and pulls out a piece of paper with mathematical formulas on it. He slides the paper into a napkin and wraps it around a hotdog. Susan takes it from him.

SUSAN (CONT’D): This will be the last. Tomorrow I move.

REGINALD: I will be sorry to lose your business.

Susan holds a debit card out to him.

SUSAN: This should show my appreciation.

Reginald seizes her wrist.

REGINALD: Come away with me. Leave all of this behind.

Susan glares at his hand. Reginald releases her and takes the card.

SUSAN: I enjoy my position.

Reginald opens the cash register and drops the card inside. Susan turns and begins to walk away.

REGINALD: As fleeting as our encounter has been, I find every moment with you to be invigorating.

Susan stops, but she doesn’t turn.

SUSAN: You take pleasure in the thrill of it. Take up rock climbing. It will better satisfy you.

Reginald walks towards her.

REGINALD: Everything pales in comparison to you.

Susan glances over her shoulder. Tears are in her eyes. Reginald stops.

SUSAN: You don’t know what you are saying.

Reginald pounds his chest.

REGINALD: I know what my heart says.

Susan brings herself around.

SUSAN: It says you cannot go on living without the one you love?

Reginald rushes forward and wraps his arms around her. Holding her tight, he rest his head against her’s.

REGINALD: Exactly.

POP! POP! Reginald’s eyes go wide. He looks down at the pistol Susan holds against his stomach. Smoke rises from it as Reginald’s blood runs down the silencer.

SUSAN: I tried.

Reginald stumbles back. His blood drips down into the snow on the sidewalk edge. Susan slips the gun back into her purse.

SUSAN (CONT’D): This is what you wanted.

Susan turns and walks away. Reginald drops to his knees. He pulls out his cellphone and starts to dial but collapses before he can finish.

Susan takes a bite of her hotdog and smiles.